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You are on a website dedicated to the enthusiasts of (valid) XHTML, and of beautiful mechanics.
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Hello, you are on my personal web page. I am passionate about computer development and this site/blog will serve as a space to document my attempts to become a Java Champion or Google Developer Expert. Apart from software design and (valid) XHTML, I have a particular passion for everything related to the concept of "muscles". I love muscular people.

Essays and ramblings

  1. 2021-11-14 Some highlights of how this blog is generated

    Being a Java Champion means communicating. To communicate, you need communication channels. What better way to talk about silly things than with a stark blog? In this article, we'll show you how this blog works.

  2. 2021-08-16 Understanding "Existential Types" with Java

    An existential type (or "existentially quantified type") is a complicated type system fanatic thing. But to become a Java Champion, it's a must. Let's learn how to use it, in Java, of course.

  3. 2021-08-08 Type-dependent instances in Java

    While studying Java (to become a real Java-Champion) I came across a feature I didn't know about, "type-dependent instances". Incredible!

  4. 2021-04-18 Implementing a minimalist mathematical statement prover with Java

    The world of Proof Assistants is quite related to complicated functional programming languages. But it is possible, quite simply, to write a minimalist proof assistant in Java.